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Sad Whatsap Status

Update your status with our good collections of sad love status and express your emotions in front of your girlfriend and friends. Today I am sharing my one of the most favorite list of sad whatsapp status collection. These all status are top heart touching whatsapp status which you can use to express your sad time moments.

Sad Whatsap Status with Images

Sad Whatsap Status

1.  The most painful memory.. when I walked away and you let me go.

Sad Whatsap Status

 2.  Sometimes It’s better to be alone…No one can hurt you.
Sad Whatsap Status

 3.  My silence is just another word for pain 

Sad Whatsap Status

 4.  A fake smile can hide a million of tears

Sad Whatsap Status

 5.  When fish is crying on the sea....who will find out the tears.

Sad Whatsap Status

 6. Six letters, two words, easy to say, hard to explain, harder to do. MOVE ON.
Sad Whatsap Status

 7.  I never feel alone bcz loneliness is always with me.

Sad Whatsap Status

 8.  I love crying in the rain. because when i do, no one can hear the pain.

 9.  Don't cry for the person who doesn't know the value of your tears... 

Sad Whatsap Status

 10.  When u start missing,u fall in love again.
Sad Whatsap Status

11.  I will never come in your life, if you feel better without me...

Sad Whatsap Status

 12.  Loneliness is when you hear as the clock ticks …
Sad Whatsap Status

 13.  Just because I am not crying,,,doesn't mean,,,i am okay 
Sad Whatsap Status

14.  My real smile comes when i am with you.

Emotional Sad Whatsapp Status

Emotional Sad Whatsapp Status

 15. Behind my smile there is something you'll never understand.

Emotional Sad Whatsapp Status

 16.  I hide all my Problems behind my Smile. 

Emotional Sad Whatsapp Status

 17.  I hate the moment when suddenly my anger turns into tears.

 18.  Don’t cry for the person who doesn’t know the value of your tears.

Emotional Sad Whatsapp Status

 19.  I don’t need drugs, Life is killing me slowly all by itself 

Emotional Sad Whatsapp Status

 20.  Sadness is when your best friend gets another best friend 
Emotional Sad Whatsapp Status

 21.  If it’s not a happy ending then it’s not the ending at all

Emotional Whatsapp Status

 22.  Be careful who you fall in love with, cause someone somewhere won't approve.

Emotional Sad Whatsapp Status

 23.  Trying to hide your feelings and pretending like nothing's wrong. 

Emotional Sad Whatsapp Status

 24.  The scars you can`t see are the hardest to heal. 

Emotional Sad Whatsapp Status

 25.  I’m invisible, until someone needs me. 

Emotional Sad Whatsapp Status

 26.  My room is so quiet and empty it hurts 

Emotional Sad Whatsapp Status

 27.  Sometimes, the right choices take us to the wrong places.

Sad Whatsapp Status DP

Sad Whatsapp Status DP

 28.  No one can replace d space which is reserved for sm1 special...?

Sad Whatsapp Status DP

 29.  I don't care for people, who don't care for me.

Sad Whatsapp Status DP

 30.  Waiting is painful. Forgetting is painful. But not knowing which to do

Sad Whatsapp Status DP

Sad Whatsapp Status DP

 31.  Waiting is painful. Forgetting is painful. But not knowing which to do is the worst kind of suffering. 
Sad Whatsapp Status DP

 32.  Invisible TEARS are the hardest to wipe away. 

Sad Whatsapp Status DP

 33.  I have decided to stay quiet when you hurt me.. 
Sad Whatsapp Status DP

 34.  Some nights I burn in the fire of my own thoughts 
Sad Whatsapp Status DP

 35.  I am sorry for those that disagree with me because I know that they are wrong.

Sad Whatsapp Status DP

 36.  Loneliness and the feeling that nobody needs you is the worst kind of poverty 
Sad Whatsapp Status DP

37.  People who really miss or suffer usually suffer in silence 

Sad Whatsapp Status DP

 38.  Unexplainable things happen at every step in this world 

Sad Whatsapp Status DP

 39.  We are born to live with each other, but we die alone 

Sad Whatsapp Status DP

 40.  We often pay with years of loneliness for the moments of happiness 

  41.  Death knocks at every door 

Heart broken Sad Whatsapp Status

 42.  Sadness is a clear proof that your soul is still alive

Heart broken Sad Whatsapp Status
 43.  Looking into others’ windows is a sign of extreme loneliness

Heart broken Sad Whatsapp Status

 44.  Loneliness is a logical consequence of individualism 

Heart broken Sad Whatsapp Status

 45.  Whoever is deprived of sincere friends, is truly alone 
Heart broken Sad Whatsapp Status

 46.  Sometimes when only one person is not texting, the whole world seems silent 

Heart broken Sad Whatsapp Status

 47.  I feel so far away from the one I wish to hold in my arms 

Heart broken Sad Whatsapp Status

 48.  That sad moment when you realize your childhood is over.

 49.  Sometimes the dry tears are still wet, Only because they are falling inside our HEARTS. 

Heart broken Sad Whatsapp Status

 50.  "It is sad when the person who gave you the best memories become a memory. "

Sad Whatsapp Love Status Without Images

 51.  "I have decided to stay quiet when you hurt me.. . "

 52.  "Appreciate the love you have for one day the love could be gone. "

 53.  "You may think i deserve better, but i don't "

 54.  "I don't regret what happened between us i just wish us never happened "

 55.  "Sometimes tears means unspoken happiness and smile means silent Pain. "

 56.  "Only you can put a smile on my face when i am sad. "

 57.  "Remember, you're beautiful. But keep in mind that not everyone is gonna be able to see that. "

 58.  "No matter how much you have hurt me, I still pray for you every night. "

 59.  "My heart was taken by you, broken by you, and now it is in pieces because of you. "

 60.  "I am the one that said “Goodbye”, It’s over” but I’m the one crying. "

  61.  "The hardest thing is to hurt yourself for the sake of others’ happiness.. "

 62.  "My silence spoke a thousand words, but you never heard them.. "

 63.  "Your mind may be sad because youre not with him, but your heart is happy just knowing him. "

 64.  "We’re all faced with problems in life. It’s how we deal with them that determines our future. "

 65.  "Theres no point in crying, the tears wont bring you back to me. "

 66.  "You’ll never realize the value of what you have, until what you have is no longer yours. "

 67.  "I fell for you, but you didn’t catch me. "

 68.  "Do you ever type something really long and then delete it all because you realize no one actually cares ? "

 69.  "The worst pain in life is when you see Your life being spoiled by the one you trust the most "

 70.  "Its better to b alone den being wid sm1 who makes u feel alone! "

 71.  "Sometimes it's best to stay quiet. Except the silence can speak volumes without ever saying a word. "

 72.  "A moment without joy is an eternity of sadness. "

 73.  "Trying to hide your feelings and pretending like nothing is wrong. "

 74.  "Never be sad for what is over,just be glad that it was once yours… "

 75.  "I love the way that i can smile at my best friend and he will know exactly what i am thinking. "

 76.  "Why compare yourself with others? No one in the entire world can do a better job of being you than you. "

 77.  "If you judge people, you have no time to love them. "

 78.  "It is hard to fly when something is weighting you down. "

 79.  "No love is greater than mom's love, no care is greater than dad's care. "

 80.  "I m not crying,,,,my eyes were sweating "

  81.  "Tears shed for another person are not a sign of weakness. They are a sign of a pure heart. "

 82.  "When I Die, Don't Come Near My Body. Because My Hand May Not Be Able To Wipe Your Tears Anymore "

 83.  "I'll Be Your Clown Behind The Glass. Go Ahead And Laugh Because It's Funny,I Would Too If I Saw Me. "

 84.  "The deepest people are the ones who've been hurt the most. "

 85.  "I didn't know how sad I was, until I was happy. "

 86.  "I pretend to be happy a lot, I'm not. Inside, I'm really sad. "

 87.  "Don't waste a second of your life being sad because that's a moment of happy you won't get back. "

 88.  "You are prettiest when you're happy. Don't waste your time being sad. "

 89.  "That sightly sad feeling when you see your ex happy with someone new. "

 90.  "I've made you so happy and so sad. But which should I be more sorry for? "

 91.  "You will never be happy if you continue to hold on to the things that make you sad. "

 92.  "Sadness does not come from bad circumstances. It comes from bad thoughts. "

 93.  "When you are happy, you enjoy the music. But, when you are sad you understand the lyrics. "

 94.  "It’s sad when you realize you aren’t as important to someone as you thought you were. "

 95.  "And sometimes you just have to forget about that person you once liked and move on. "

 96.  "Can’t blame me for my trust issues. "

 97.  "Pain is the only thing that’s telling me I’m still alive. "

 98.  "Anger, tears and sadness are only for those who have given up. "

 99.  "Beauty and sadness always go together. Nature thought beauty too rich to go forth Upon the earth without a meet alloy. "

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 100.  "Absolute silence leads to sadness. It is the image of death. "

  101.  "Sorrow is one of the vibrations that prove the fact of living "

 102.  "When sorrows come, they come not single spies, but in battalions. "

 103.  "Sadness is always the legacy of the past; regrets are pains of the memory. "

 104.  "Tears are words the heart can't express. "

 105.  "The only one interested in hearing your sad story is . . . you; and even you wish you didn't have to relive it again "

 106.  "Those who fear the darkness have no idea what the light can do. "

 107.  "A man is called selfish, not for pursuing his own good, but for neglecting the neighbor's. "

 108.  "I know i never even had any chance with you but it still hurts seeing you with someone… "

 109.  "I have too many fantasies to be a housewife.I guess i am a fantasy… "

 110.  "Never be sad for what is over,just be glad that it was once yours… "

 111.  "I hate when i am laying in bed looking out my window for the moon and stars,but i can’t find the Moon… "

 112.  "People walk away easily but they leave their memories with us forever…. "

 113.  "Temporary happiness isn’t worth long term pain… "

 114.  "My tears are like anchors that sink my heart to the depths of the deepest ocean…. "

 115.  "I feel bad when you miss me, I feel sad when you don’t. "

 116.  "Love can sometimes be magic. But magic can sometimes… just be an illusion. "

 117.  "Good humor is the health of the soul, sadness its poison. "

 118.  "They that sow in tears shall reap in joy. "

 119.  " Today was the first time I said goodbye, what hurts the most is knowing I'll never say hello again."

 120.  "Expectation is the root of heartache "

121.  "Don't you dare mock a pain that you haven't endured. Depression is just as real as cancer. "

 122.  "You left without a reason, so please don't come back with an excuse. "

 123.  "If you have to convince someone you're right for them, then they aren't right for you. "

 124.  "They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel. "

 125.  "All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in the rain. "

 126.  "The hardest thing to do is watch the one you love, love someone else in return. "

 127.  "I’m tired if trying, sick of crying, I know I’ve been smiling, but inside I’m dying. "

 128.  "I don’t run from you, I walk away slowly, and it kills me, ’cause you don’t care enough to stop me. "

 129.  "When you quit fearing pain, when you learn to love the pain, you will lose all fear of everything. "

 130.  "Damaged people are dangerous, they know they know they can survive. "

 131.  "My real smile comes when i am with you. "

 132.  "Sometimes it’s better to be alone, No one can hurt you that way. "

 133.  "Happiness is not ready made, It comes by our own actions….!!!! "

 134.  "If it’s not a happy ending then it’s not the ending at all. "

 135.  "Hate is like acid. It damages the vessel in which it is stored and destroys the vessel in which it it is poured. "

 136.  "A relationship is only made for two….but some just forget how to count. "

 137.  "Pain is the only thing that’s telling me I’m still alive. "

 138.  "They ignore you until they need you. "

 139.  "My silence is just another word for pain. "

 140.  "Every time I start trusting someone, they show me why I shouldn’t. "

141.  "The most painfull goodbye’s are those which were never said and never explained. … "

 142.  "Time doesn’t really Heal the heart. It just makes the heart forget all the pain. "

 143.  "Sometimes It’s better to be alone…No one can hurt you. "

 144.  "The most painful memory.. when I walked away and you let me go"

 145.  "Sometimes, you have to smile to hide your fears and laugh to hide your tears. "

 146.  "You Always Get Hurt The Moment You Begin To Care. "

 147.  "Its better to be lonely then to be played by wrong people. "

 148.  "People are lonely because they build walls instead of bridges.. "

 149.  "Smile and no one will see how broken you are inside. "

 150.  "The truth hurts for a little while, but lies hurt for a lifetime. "

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 151.  "Sometimes you have to know when to stop hoping :-( "

 152.  "Life and death are balanced on the edge of a razor. "

 153.  "I never knew that one singe blade could mess up my life.. "

 154.  "Some nights I burn in the fire of my own thoughts "

 155.  "I have decided to stay quiet when you hurt me.. :( "

 156.  "Time does not heal all wounds, its simply makes the pain bearable "

 157.  "You made me Laugh you made me cry but you killed me when you said goodbye "

 158.  "Just because the relationship ended doesn't mean the feelings did!!! "

 159.  "Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding "

 160.  " I miss our long talks, your smile, your laugh, your smell, your kisses and your hugs. I wish I could have them back. "

161.  "Sometimes we waste too much time to think about someone that doesn't think about us for a second. "

 162.  "You'll always be in my life even if i'm not in yours, because you'll be in my memory "

 163.  "The scars you can’t see are the hardest to heal. "

 164.  "Before you make more promises, learn the meaning of forever! "

 165.  "The worst feeling in life is not being lonely. Its being forgotten by someone you could not forget. "

 166.  "You've never felt pain until you've felt love. "

 167.  "I hate being Sensitive.I Wish My Heart was Made of Stone... "

 168.  "The hardest thing in life is to watch the person you love, love some one else "

 169.  "When I'm sad, please don't ask me what's wrong.Just hug me. "

 170.  "You made me feel like you really love me. And then you just left like nothing ever mattered. "

 171.  "It's so hard to forget someone who gave you so much to remember. "

 172.  "Tears are prayers too. They travel to God when we can't speak. "

 173.  "You don’t really know what you have until it’s gone.. "

 174.  "I know my silence and my tears will heal my pain one day. "

 175.  "My fake plants died because I did not pretend to water them. "

 176.  "My room is so quiet and empty it hurts "

 177.  "Friends come and go, but enemies remain and build up. "

 178.  "Sometimes, the right choices take us to the wrong places. "

 179.  "Sometimes it's better to be alone. No one can hurt you that way. "

 180.  "I've always been afraid of losing people I love. Sometimes I wonder, is there anyone out there afraid to lose me. "

181.  "Perfect maturity is when a person hurts you, and you try to understand their situation and don't hurt them back. "

 182.  "It hurts the worst when the person that made you feel so special yesterday, makes you feel so unwanted today. "

 183.  "Sometimes, people choose to leave not because of selfish reasons. But they just know that things will get worse if they stay. "

 184.  "I always say to Sadness, Please keep in touch because your presence make me more strong, more sensitive and more alive. "

 185.  "You may lose the people you love, you may lose the things you have. But no matter what happens, NEVER LOSE YOURSELF! "

 186.  "Take it from someone who’s fallen… it’s a long way down. "

 187.  "The only thing standing between me and total happiness is reality. "

 188.  "The only thing worse then being hated is being ignored. At least when they hate you they treat you like you exist. "

 189.  "Life and death are balanced on the edge of a razor. "

 190.  "One morning you wake up afraid to live. "

 191.  "I’m often silent when I am screaming inside. "

 192.  "The deepest people are the ones who’ve been hurt the most. "

 193.  "I’m hurting so bad inside I just wish you could see… I’m struggling to be someone that isn’t even close to me. "

 194.  "Beware the person who has nothing to lose. "

 195.  "In the end, music is your only friend. "

 196.  "Do you ever have those times you cry and you don’t know why? "

 197.  "I love sleep. My life has this tendency to fall apart when I’m awake. "

 198.  "I have a tendency to hurt myself physically, when I’m hurting inside. "

 199.  "Tired of living and scared of dying. "

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